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Woman kills her neighbour’s child by slitting his throat [graphics photos]


NIGERIA – A woman has been arrested for killing her neighbour’s child by slitting his throat in Imo state.

The woman, identified as Roseline, killed 4-year-old Chiemerie Iwobi in Ibu Abueke, Imo state.

According to reports, she had been threatening the man that she would kill his child. She allegedly once voiced her dissatisfaction with the fact that she is single and childless while the neighbour has three children.

Her threats were not taken seriously until she made good on it today, November 8, by slitting the boy’s throat.

Following the murder, she was arrested by locals, beaten, then handed over to the police.

Warning: This contains sensitive pictures which some people may find offensive or disturbing.

Imo woman kills her neighbour

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