‘You couldn’t pay me $1m to live in Europe full time, but I’ll live in Africa for $100’ – Dencia says as she gives business advice


CAMEROON – Dencia took to Twitter to give business advice while telling her African followers that the government is trying and life abroad is harder than in Africa. She added that she wouldn’t live in Europe full time for $1 million but she’ll live in Africa for $100.

She compared Africa to other continents and tried to point out ways she thinks Africa is better. She said the British Queen “is there forever” but no one calls her a dictator. Yet “the African leaders who are in power shorter than her are dictators”.

She also went on to point out how America is messed up too.

She said: “Airports are messed up too, the last time I was in NY, the airport was leaking, nasty & dirty AF, small, nowhere to seat, old & ancient, Infact I couldn’t believe I was in America don’t even go driving around Baltimore, homes with no windows & doors.”

Having said these, Dencia asked her followers to understand that the leaders of various African countries are trying their best but the people need to contribute. She then advised her followers to survive by putting their focus on selling necessities and not luxury items because items considered necessities will always be in demand.

She wrote: “If u start selling tomatoes on the streets, u start with $100, within a year, you will be a millionaire (Africa) always think of selling things that are a necessity not a luxury. Clothes, hair = luxury not necessities. Food = necessities. Be wise guys.”

Read her tweets below starting from the bottom up.

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