Truck ploughs into car on William Nicol Drive [VIDEO]


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The alleged failure of the brakes on a truck travelling down William Nicol Drive in Constantia Kloof has caused the latest accident to take place on this infamous road earlier today, Wednesday, 6 November.

Reports from the scene suggested that the truck suffered brake failure as it was negotiating the sharp steep bend as it approached Constantia Boulevard near the Life Flora Clinic.

The driver of the truck, who spoke to the Northsider, said he tried to warn other vehicles by hooting prior to the collision. However, an unsuspecting motorist who was travelling across William Nicol Drive on Constantia Boulevard unfortunately made very heavy contact with the truck.

The truck driver said his vehicle ploughed into the car and dragged it into the oncoming lane, finally coming to a standstill a few metres away from the intersection.

Unfortunately, the driver of the light motor vehicle sustained a number of injuries and was subsequently transported to hospital. The occupants of the truck weren’t injured but were visibly traumatised by what had transpired.

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Watch video below:

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