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Meet David Mashao, satanist who beheaded sister and had her hold her own head [VIDEO]

29-year-old David Mashao

ROODERPOORT, South Africa – The trial of 29-year-old David Mashao, which recently concluded in the High Court in Johannesburg, has resulted in the man being sentenced to two life terms.

Mashao decapitated both his brother and sister with a kitchen knife in separate incidents in Roodepoort.

In August 2018, Mashao was arrested after his uncle Miguel found his sister, Barbara, decapitated, with her head in her hands, cradled in her own lifeless arms, at their home in Roodepoort.

Investigations led to two witnesses alleging that Mashao had confessed to killing his brother in a similar fashion in 2012.

His brother Sechaba was found next to a railway line between Georgina and Krugersdorp in early December 2012. Initial speculation that Sechaba died after being hit by a train was rejected by officials, who confirmed that no one was hit by a train that day.

Mashao later admitted that the horrific killings were committed as an act of sacrifice to Satan.

The murders took place because Mashao was trying to convince his siblings, who both attended a local Jehovah’s Witnesses church, to join his satanic church. Upon their refusal, he decapitated both of them.

WATCH video below: Warning: This video contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing.

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