“Getting into the media in Nigeria is about who you know” TV personality Tosin Odunfa opens up in exclusive interview [VIDEO]

TV personality Tosin Odunfa

NIGERIA – TV personality Tosin Odunfa has opened up about his experience in the media and why he decided to go into politics.

The TV personality, who ventured into politics during the last general elections, told LITV that he made the decision to go into politics because he wanted to make a change.

Going into politics, he said, “is only one means of trying to contribute to society”. He added that “there are many different ways to contribute to society”

He said that he decided to be actively involved in politics having observed how Nigeria is doing poorly in some areas, compared to other countries, so he thought of stepping up to make a change,

“One of the ways I wanted to do it was to just go into politics and become one of the people who is at the table, so at the very least, we can help out with policy that helps to get people out of poverty. So that’s, on the one hand, why I went in, ” he said.

“The other reality is, I’m definitely going to continue to try to contribute to bringing Nigeria out of the doldrums. I do believe that I will run again, The chances are very high that I will run again in 2023. And even if I don’t run in 2023, I will be involved in active politics as one of the people who helps to bring out proper candidates who have the best interest of the country at heart. 

“So, there’s no doubt that politics is going to be a part of my life in perpetuity.”

Though he didn’t win, he came in second in the primaries and said he was “very very close to winning.”

He advised young people who want a better Nigeria to go for it and join a political party, adding, “It doesn’t matter which one because, truth is, they’re all the same.

Tosin spoke about starting his career in the media when he was 19. He said he started out on TV then left to go to school in the US. When he returned he joined radio, Classic FM, worked there for a while, before transitioning back to TV. He said the transition to TV was a breeze because he “got rediscovered through a reality TV show” that required him to audition first.

Advising viewers on how they can impress judges during an audition, he said: “For those of you who are really curious about how you can do really well in auditions, I’ll tell you this: auditions are hit or miss most of the time, so you definitely need to stand out.”

For those who want to get into the media, Tosin said that getting into the media in Nigeria has always been about who you know.

He added: “The sad news is, it will always be like that but only to a certain extent. “

He continues: “It’s not just about who you know personally. Go and find out who you know, who your father knows, your brother knows, your sister knows, your uncle, your cousin, your neighbour… Because sometimes, you know more people than you actually realize that you do.

“So, the point is that you actually have to work your network.”

Watch the interview below:


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