Men should control their libido – Monarch warns against population explosion


CROSS RIVER, Nigeria – The Paramount Ruler of Calabar Municipal Local Government Area, His Royal Majesty, Ndidem, Dr Patrick Inok Oquagbor [V] has advocated the use of family planning methods for men to reduce population growth in Nigeria.

The Monarch stated this in Calabar on Friday while flagging off the Medical Mission of the National Association of Seadogs aka Pyrates Confraternity, blaming population growth on men.

He said that men should also undergo family planning, “I realised that the population is growing at a geometrical explosion in Nigeria,l. Every day, health officers talk about family planning for women, try to limit population, but we have refused to know that a woman as a person has nothing to commit when it comes to pregnancy.

“It is the man that gets women pregnant; you cannot only give women drugs to limit pregnancy but nothing for men. Do you know how many women I can meet today, if I have nine hours to flex, I can conveniently produce nine children in nine hours.

“Let us as men be realistic and know that if you don’t want population growth, we are the people to limit the way to procreate. If the issue is targeted on men and I take the pills to stop me from procreating, even if I have privilege to meet nine women today, I will not impregnate them. At the end of the day, the geometrical progression will show me that I produced zero.”

The Monarch called on the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health units to give men good antidotes that will reduce their libido, so that progression will be reduced, “If this is done, the women would not deliver children any how,” he stated.

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