Here are a few famous women who have spilled the beans on their sex lives


USA – Celebrities are just regular people (except they don’t have to mortgage their house to afford an iPhone X, but anyway) and just like us they like (and even have) sex. Most of them are careful with their words when talking about anything ‘risqué’, but thankfully for us gossip-lovers, some celebs have loose lips/slack PR agents.

1. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

Usually we can relate to everything about Chrissy (the food obsession stuff any way; the being married to John Legend and having the most perfect life on earth thing is a bit less relatable). But her sex confession is pretty unrelatable, unless you are the type of person who is carefree enough to risk getting arrested on a plane.

‘We were under a blanket’

She revealed the craziest place they have ever had sex: ‘We were on our way to Thailand to see my parents, flying commercial first-class. We were under a blanket. We weren’t even in one of those pod things. I feel like we should get a trophy for that’.

2. Miranda Kerr

miranda kerr


The model told GQ that one of the secrets to her banging bod is, well, banging: ‘One thing I’ve noticed is now that I’m having less sex my body isn’t as toned. The more sex I have, the more defined my arms and stomach get.’

‘I’ve had an orgasm in the air before’

She also revealed that she has a membership in the Mile-High Club, ‘cos celebs are too important to have sex on the ground like regular people apparently: ‘I’ve had an orgasm in the air before. Alone. And together.’

3. Amber Rose

Amber Rose Grammys 2015. 5 Random Amber Rose Facts

Queen of sex positivity, Amber Rose, has never shied away from talking about sex. She’s been made the spokesperson for a sex toy company and will tell anyone who will listen about how much she’s obsessed with their vibrating products. Also she demanded sex from her ex-boyfriend, 21 Savage, every day. That’s a healthy appetite.

4. Rihanna


Women are often believed to be far less sexual than men, which is so not the case. We’ve just been conditioned to not talk about it. But everyone’s girl-crush, RiRi, is so not about piping down to please the patriarchy: ‘I mean I get horny, I’m human, I’m a woman, I want to have sex’.

‘I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun’

She also set the imaginations of teenagers all over the world on fire when she shared that she’s into a bit of bondage. ‘Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your shit. That’s fun to me… I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned – you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs. I’d rather have him use his hands’. We’re downright flustered RN.

5. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

The fact that Mariah Carey has sex to her own music is peak Mariah Carey. Her now ex-husband, Nick Cannon, took to the radio to announce that the two of them do the dirty to her music (Hero being a firm favourite). He also used to masturbate to Mariah’s music. Personally, I find We Belong Together is better suited for a private karaoke session than anything kinky, but to each their own.

6. Zoe Saldana

zoe saldana natural makeup

If you secretly love what is considered the most ‘boring’ sex position (missionary) then you’re in luck; Zoe Saldana is bringing it back. She declared it her favourite position, as well as doggy style and standing up.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, engagement, ring

Gwyneth’s lifestyle blog Goop often publishes interesting pieces on a range of sex-positive topics, including how to have anal that is both fun and safe, and sex toys that you can control with your smartphone.

‘Going down on your guy is “a good thing energetically to do”‘

Gwyneth has also openly lamented the fact that she and Brad Pitt were together before the age of camera phones so never made a sex tape (we’re kind of bummed about that too TBH) and declared that going down on your guy is ‘a good thing energetically to do’. Whatever that means.

8. Amy Schumer


In between all the humble-brags about hooking up in a plane and having sex every day, it’s quite nice to hear that celebrities have boring sex lives too. Like, it’s all very well hearing famous beauties talking about getting nasty but where are the less sexy, more relatable stories? Like when you’re 69-ing and accidentally knee him in the eye.

‘You know when you start dating someone, you’re like, “I love giving head?”‘

If you’re awkward in bed Amy Schumer has your back: ‘When it comes to sex, I lay there like I’m going to get a CAT scan so I’m not pleasing anyone. You know when you start dating someone, you’re like, “I love giving head?” I don’t know what it is. I was just too busy. Too tired. No lies. Too busy’.

9. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

We already know the secret to perfect clear skin is drinking a ton of water every day. But Cameron Diaz says you should combine your 8 glasses with ‘lots of sex’ too (and exercise and a healthy diet but those are far less juicy). ‘Yes, sex, we need that as human beings. It’s healthy, it’s natural, it’s what we are here to do’.

10. Kim Kardashian


Instagram: @kimkardashian

The businesswoman and reality star admitted on Keeping Up With the Kardashians that she and husband Kanye West has ‘sex 500 times a day’. Sounds exhausting tbh.

11. Miley Cyrus


The singer and Hannah Montana star said in an interview to Paper Magazine in 2015, ‘I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age. Everything that’s legal, I’m down with.’ She’s now married to Liam Hemsworth so the pair must be having ALL the fun.

12. Olivia Wilde


Instagram: @oliviawilde

The Booksmart director and House actress has said the reason why she and beau Jason Sudeikis are still so in love with each other after all these years is that they  ‘have sex like Kenyan marathon runners’.


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