Shocking moment white racist bus passenger spews N-word and spits at driver during rant on NYC bus [VIDEO]


NEW YORK CITY, USA– A man has been caught on camera delivering a shocking racist rant and spitting at a New York City bus driver.

The incident occurred at around 8.20pm on Tuesday on a B68 bus heading north in the Midwood area of south Brooklyn.

The man reportedly refused to pay his fare because the bus was late, and then became enraged when the bus driver told him to get off, remaining insistently in the seats reserved for elderly and disabled passengers. 

‘Don’t fuck with me, you nigga he said to another rider, as the bus remained pulled over and stopped in response to his unruly behavior.  

When the bus driver tells him he has to get off of the bus, the angry man turns his ire toward the driver, saying: ‘You get out, or drive motherfucker. And shut your mouth, nigga.’ 

‘I was waiting for the bus for 45 minutes,’ the man tells the driver. ‘Drive and shut your mouth, nigga.

At another point, he calls the bus driver a ‘redneck.’ The race of the driver and the other riders that the man abuses is not clear from the video.

As he gets off the bus several minutes later, the man is seen spitting at the driver. 

The abusive man speaks with a Russian accent, and is seen in the video wearing a Philadelphia Flyers jacket and what appears to be an Air Force Commendation Medal.

The medal is awarded for performing noteworthy service in any capacity with the U.S. Air Force, though it is impossible to tell from the video whether the man is an actual Air Force veteran. 

Metropolitan Transit Authority officials have referred the incident to the NYPD for a full investigation.

‘This is abhorrent, racist, and violent behavior, and any crimes committed should result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law,’ the agency said in a statement.


Watch Video Below:


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