AK47 and semi-automatic rifle seized after JMPD officers spot ‘suspicious’ Audi


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Undercover Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department officers seized three firearms, including an AK-47 automatic rifle, and a white Audi in Amalgam on Thursday afternoon.

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said the department’s undercover officers drove past a shisanyama at Dorado Avenue in Amalgam at 3pm and noticed a suspicious vehicle.

The officers made a U-turn and approached the occupants of the vehicles. The suspects then opened fire on the officers before fleeing on foot and leaving the car with the firearms inside.

Minnaar said officers shot once, ensuring that they did not shoot innocent bystanders.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department offices on Thursday seized three firearms, including an AK47 and a BxP semi automatic rifle, during an undercover operation.

No one was injured during the shoot-out, but there was a bullet hole in the undercover officers’ vehicle.

No arrests were made.

Minnaar said the Audi was hijacked in Langlaagte last Friday.

Apart from the AK-47 rifle, JMPD officers also seized a BxP semi-automatic rifle and a Taurus pistol.


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