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A 19 year old female has been arrested for attempting to extort money, jewelry, from a woman


KWAZULU NATAL, South Africa – Female Sextortionist Arrested: Merebank – Kwazulu Natal.

A 19 year old female has been arrested by members of Reaction Unit South Africa after she attempted to extort money, jewelry, from a woman in Merebank – KZN today (Monday).

The victim (name withheld) arrived at Reaction Unit South Africa this morning requesting assistance after she was contacted by a person named Joey Naidoo via Facebook Messenger claiming that he had videos of her masturbating. She believed that the video was created after she video chatted to a person she met on Facebook who led her to believed that he was a wealthy businessman in Dubai.

The victim denied circulating any videos and believed that the video was of someone else and digitally altered using her face. The person behind the profile initially uploaded the video on Porn Hub and removed it after Sathanand informed him that she would give in to his demands which included R5000 in cash. The victim was expected to drop off the good at a pre-arranged location in Merebank.

Reaction Officers in marked and unmarked vehicles proceeded to the area and kept observation for the suspect who was expected to be dressed in red overall pants and a blue cap. When the suspect arrived the victim drove up to him. Reaction Officers in an unmarked vehicle drove up to the victims vehicle and apprehended the man as he attempted to flee.

During an interview he confirmed that he was sent to uplift the items by his employer’s 19 year old daughter and was promised a share. He then led Officers to a home on Nasik Road in Merebank approx two (2) kilometers away from the Engen Refinery & confronted the female.

In the presence of her parents she became emotional and confirmed that she and a friend had created a series of fake profiles and started communicating with the victim. They began threatening her and managed to locate her residence which they took pictures off and sent to her. For a period of two weeks they badgered and threaten to expose the victim with a video which they allegedly had. The victim registered a criminal case of extortion after she was given a 16:00 deadline today to hand over the money or jewels or have the video uploaded to Facebook and porn sites.

Reaction Officers then seized the suspects Samsung J5 and a Huwaei P30 and found the fake Facebook Profiles and three porn videos with the victims face. The female was immediately placed under arrest.

Both suspects are currently detained at Wentworth SAPS.


Source Reaction Unit South Africa


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