Cops, foreign nationals clash in Cape Town CBD [VIDEO]

UN Refugee Agency offices Cape Town

CAPE TOWN , South Africa – Foreign nationals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Somalia, Pakistan and Zimbabwe have been camping inside and outside the agency offices. They’re desperate to leave a country they once called home – and now want to leave because of safety concerns and xenophobia

Police and the City of Cape Town’s law enforcement have moved in to disperse foreigners from United Nations offices in the Cape Town CBD on Wednesday.

Dozens of people have been camping outside the UN Refugee Agency offices.

They are demanding help to leave South Africa as they fear xenophobic violence.

Police and law enforcement officers carried some people away, loading them into armoured vehicles.

They had initially warned the protesting foreign nationals to leave before moving in with force.

Mothers clutched their children as the drama unfolded around them.

Picture: Kaylynn Palm/EWN.

OgeneAfrican spoke to a woman who was approached by police as she sat holding her baby to her chest.

“We are here fighting for our rights. Leave us!”

I am so sad to be called an South African………………..

Watch video below:


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