A man untangling his wife’s locs while entertaining her with Daddy Showkey’s songs [VIDEO]


NIGERIA – An adorable video of a man happily making his wife’s hair while entertaining her with a dance and songs has warmed the heart of Instagram users.

In the video shared online, the man is seen standing behind his wife as he tried to untangle her locs. He joked about her hair being tangled, then likened her locs to Raskimono’s and Daddy Showkey’s. He then went on to sing Daddy Shokwey’s song.

“Somebody call my name, Showkey,” he sang and danced a bit before going back to the hair.

As he handled his wife’s hair, she directed him, saying “Oya, twist that one. Twist that second one.”

The man then broke into another song. This time he sang Daddy Showkey’s “Hossana” as he twisted his wife’s hair.

“If you see my mama, Hossana, tell am say oh, I dey Ikeja, I dey do hairdresser,” he remixed the song to his wife’s amusement.

Watch video below:


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