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Dogs maul alleged housebreaker [VIDEO]


CAPE TOWN, South Africa – attempted housebreaking gone painfully wrong in Gansbaai Western Cape, on Monday.

In the video, two men can be seen on a roof – while some seemed to think they were accomplices, others said one was chasing the other. The man closest to the edge of the roof falls to the ground after failing to hang on to a nearby tree, and dogs attack him.

He tries to fight off the two dogs, who don’t back down until he cannot fight them off anymore.

He accepts defeat and two other men tie his hands while the other man watches from the roof.

While most on social media have commended the dogs for stopping an attempted housebreaking, others, however, say the dogs should not have been allowed to attack the man like that.

Twitter user Makaveli said: “I am retweeting this, these thugs must be arrested for human abuse, this is not a house break-in. Both the owner of the house and the alleged suspect were on top of the roof before the poor guy was forced to jump down so the dogs can maul him. You can’t watch your dogs maul a human being like that, your signage doesn’t mean anything. You have to justify why did you stand and watch them instead of apprehending the suspect immediately and call the cops,” while Mmatsatsi said: “These thugs are meeting their matches lately. Serves them right.”


Watch the video below:


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