The uncomfortable truth on social media – Oge Nsimah writes


MALAWI – Sharing a rather different perspective on social media exposure, writer Oge Nsimah says ‘only a sycophant will express an unhappy attitude over someone’s excessive exposure on social media’.

See her full piece below…

It’s only a sycophant that express unhappy attitude over someone excessive exposure on Social media

Often times i read things like this here

“Can someone that stays on Social Media(SM) always make a good partner”?

I see many people chorusing NO…struggling to defend their No…

See eeh, anyone that thinks people on SM daily can not make a good spouse should please unlearn and relearn.

SM is harmless, there are other harmless things that can hurt you if not properly handled.

Apparently, most people think we are here to make some eye boyfriend and girlfriend, argue nonsense, and insult people and go log out…
No It’s not so my people.

Even in universities where our patents pay for us to go learn and acquire knowledge, some get lost there, but that doesn’t mean people that go to university cannot make a good spouse…

You know, when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.


Well, i don’t know what you people see social media as, but I will tell you what SM is…

Social media is an interactive platform where we create and share our ideas and thoughts..
Social media is a link to information and opportunities in our world today.
We make connections and gather information here…
Social Media gives you publicity and boost your career.

Anyone shutting you out of social media is shutting you out of the world of communication and information…

If you want to go off social media, let it be a decision for yourself not because anyone ask you to..
If social media is coming in between you family life, make amend and strike a balance because family is everything…

Manipulation has variety of form.
Anyone closing you off SM, can wake up one day and close you off from your family and friends..

Anyone forcing you to do what you do not like just to satisfies his ego is a manipulator and a potential abuser…


I remembered one lady here came to my inbox…
She told me how her boyfriend shut her off.
Ordered her from posting or commenting of Facebook…but same boyfriend belongs to all Facebook group.
Commenting upanda in every post.
According to her, the boyfriend said, “you have a boyfriend no point of you posting and commenting on Facebook”

Really? Is this what Facebook is to some of you?

She obeyed and after some months she was nearly depressed, that was when she came to me…I told her to flew away from such a man…
Anyone that loves you..should love you with your Freedom.

I see no reason why any spouse will tell or beg his/her spouse to close their SM account…

It’s only a sycophant the express unhappy attitude over someone excessive exposure on SM.

I agree SM has some negative effect, but I can tell you the advantage outweigh the disadvantage…

See, if you are married share your password with your spouse, Keep no secrets, .Me I share mine and we have our both account on our various devices..this is not lack of trust, its being accountable….

Please if you can, share this.let people be refresh on what social media is for..



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