Naomi Campbell slams fashion shows for using her as a ‘token’

Naomi Campbell

LONDON, UK – Naomi Campbell has slammed some unnamed fashion shows for making her ‘the token’ black model.

The 49-year-old didn’t name the shows in question, but says she felt “uncomfortable” in the past when she was the only black model in a show of 70 girls, as she felt she couldn’t turn down the offers because then “there’d be none”.

“I’m not going to call people out and I have to believe that everybody is coming from a good place,” she says speaking to WSJ Magazine at the WSJ Tech Live event. We’ll discover as we go along – we will know who is doing it for the token and who is doing it for real.

“I know what it’s like to be the token and it wasn’t a good feeling to have to always be the only black model in a show of 70 girls. It was uncomfortable. I didn’t like it. So, if I said no there’s be none. It was a rock between a hard place,” she says.

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