Top cop Senior Superintendent Wayne Minnaar praised for good work!

Senior Superintendent Wayne Minnaar and Lucky Nkosi

HE HAS occupied many roles as a Metro cop and made sure motorists had good eyesight was one of them.

For this reason, Senior Superintendent Wayne Minnaar was presented with an award by the South African Optometric Association at the police headquarters in Martindale, Johannesburg, last weekend.

Lucky Nkosi of the association Minnaar had been instrumental in organising eye-testing campaigns. Since 2006, the association had been travelling to different cities and towns to do free tests and conduct eye care awareness campaigns.


Throughout last month and this month, the association had been travelling to different areas in Johannesburg, mostly targeting motorists and the elderly.

Nkosi said: “It’s incredibly important for people to do regular eye-testing to improve their vision and their lives.

“We educate motorists about the value and importance of eye testing as part of road safety. The Metro cops have played a critical role during our campaigns.

“A team of officers is always sent when we’re in Johannesburg, which is why we have decided to honour Chief Superintendent Minnaar.”


Minnaar said it was very humbling to be appreciated.

“It’s a great pleasure to receive such an award,” said Minnaar.

“The Metro police support the efforts of the association.

“All drivers need to have good eyesight to be able to see pedestrians and kids on the road.

“If their eyesight is not good, they need to get spectacles or contact lenses.”


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