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‘They killed my brother & my dad also died’

Senzo Meyiwa’s brother Sfiso Meyiwa and his cousin

KWAZULU NATAL, South Africa – The family of late Senzo Meyiwa wants President Cyril Ramaphosa to assist them in Senzo’s murder case.

The family said they want president Ramaphosa to intervene for them to find out with National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) what is going on with the case.

The family said this in a media briefing they held at Senzo’s home in K section Umlazi south of Durban today.

Senzo’s brother Sifiso Meyiwa said they are calling on the President to intervene or else AfriForum will intervene.


He said there are many other organisations from African countries and overseas that are willing to help in this matter if this case still does not continue.

“The case was ruined in the very first place by the police who were handling it. They failed to do their work properly. They used to come here at home, and I would give them valid information, but they would just laugh at me,”

He said those police should be arrested because they are the ones who ruined the case from the beginning.


See video below:

“This case has been dragging for several years now and we want justice. I will fight it until the end. They killed my brother and my father also died a worried man because of this so they will not kill me, I will fight until the end,” he said.

He said he has been contacted by several organisations he won’t mention that are willing to help in this case.

“My brother was loved by many people. They are now willing to come forward and assist them.


“The only thing we want is justice for my brother,” he said.

He further said the minister of police Bheki Cele has done everything in assisting regarding this case but now the holdup is with the NPA.

“People involved in the death of my brother will all be arrested. Their families will cry like how my family cried,” he said.

Senzo was shot dead in his girlfriend’s home Kelly Khulamo in Vosloorus in 26 October 2014.

His father Sam Meyiwa died in July this year.


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