Cops invade Hillbrow flats!

Illegal restaurant in basement Hillbrow

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – An illegal restaurant was found operating under the basement of a Hillbrow flats.

JMPD spokesman, superintendent Wayne Minnaar that the restaurant was found when officers were checking bad buildings at the Johannesburg CBD on a two day #BuyaMthetho operation which started on Wednesday night and ended this morning. 

Minnaar said the aim of the raids was to weed out criminal elements and determine if municipal by-laws are being contravened.


Even though cops think this was a great idea, Joburg residents disagree with them shutting down these restaurants. 

“This is entrepreneurship, assist in registering, compliance and perhaps relocation. They have created a few jobs,” said Nelson Ngwenya. 

“Those are your officers’ spots. They buy food from there on a regular basis. Stop acting like you didn’t know that stall before today,” said Matlatse Mokoena. 


Others suggested that police should start educating them instead of taking bread off their mouths. 

“Nothing wrong there, rooftop, underwater, over water it’s a restaurant and patrons prefer that. Unless you clearly state the bylaws being broken, leave people along and go home,” said Mangaliso.


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