Sindile Phiri I regret killing him!

Convicted killer Sindile Phiri

MAPUMALANGA, South Africa- Convicted killer Sindile Phiri will spend ten years in jail for killing her boyfriend after she found out that he impregnated another woman.

The 32-year- old from Madras Village near Bushbuckridge finally pleaded guilty after denying that she was guilty during her previous appearance.

She appeared before Mhala Regional Court after she was found guilty for murdering Bongani Shabalala (29) in March and also charged for possession of unlicensed firearm.

The court heard that Phiri was angry at his boyfriend after she confronted him about allegations of impregnating another woman whom her family wanted lobola.


During the mitigation of sentence, she told the court her boyfriend assaulted her, and she took the firearm and shot him on his chest.

“I was in an abusive relationship with the deceased and he caused me so much pain,” the court heard.

“I regret killing him and blame myself for his death and I beg the court for a lenient sentence,” she told the court.

Prosecutor Kidibone Bareng told the court the family of the deceased including a 12-year-old boy who witnessed the brutal murder have been traumatized.


Magistrate Elamrie Theron said the accused’s action was driven by anger and she should have walked out from the abusive relationship.

“This court will deviate from the prescribed sentence and as such you are sentenced to ten years for murder and 8 years for possession of unlicensed firearm but the court orders that both sentences run concurrently,” said Theron.

Father of the deceased Elijah Shabalala (50) that as the family they welcome the judgement and the sentence.

Source The Sun

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