Missing: Police divers join intensified search for mother, daughter


CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Police divers from Mossel Bay have been called in as rescue efforts intensify to find a missing mother and her daughter from Herolds Bay, Southern Cape police said on Friday.

Heidi Scheepers and her two children, Cuzette and Hugo, went missing on Tuesday. Late on Thursday, it was confirmed that the body of 2-year-old Hugo had been recovered.

Police said his body had been found floating in a gorge.

Heidi, Cuzette and Hugo were reported missing after parting company with father and husband Etienne at a car park in Herolds Bay on Tuesday afternoon.


Southern Cape police spokesperson Captain Malcolm Pojie said the search would continue on Friday.

“Police divers from the Mossel Bay port of entry have been launched and will patrol the coastline between Mossel Bay and the Wilderness in an attempt to find the mother and daughter,” Pojie said.

He thanked all emergency personnel who had worked tirelessly since Tuesday.

Earlier on Thursday, it was reported that a VW Caravelle believed to belong to Heidi was found at the bottom of a cliff, after a search party noticed tyre tracks near a ledge in Voelklip, Herolds Bay.


Pojie said: “As soon as the tide changes, they will try to recover the vehicle in the hopes of finding them, or at least some sign of what transpired.”

Source News24

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