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Bystanders loot cash van after brazen heist in Tshwane


PRETORIA, South Africa – Bystanders looted a cash van after a brazen heist in Marabastad, Tshwane, on Thursday evening.

Police spokesperson Lt-Col Brenda Muridili said the vehicle was ambushed as it left Belle Ombre Plaza at about 6pm.

Armed men in several vehicles shot at the van, bringing it to a halt, she said.

The gang blew up the safe and took an undisclosed amount of money. They also took one of the guard’s firearms, said Muridili.


No injuries were reported and no arrests were made.

“Immediately after the suspects fled the scene, just before metro police cordoned off the scene, there was some looting.

“We strongly condemn that, as anyone found with the looted bank notes can be arrested for contaminating the crime scene and theft,” Muridili said.


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