Missing mother and children car found in sea near Herolds Bay

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – A search for a missing mother and her two children who disappeared on Tuesday night has ended after a vehicle resembling theirs was located in the ocean at the foot of a cliff.

By late Thursday morning rescuers found part of a wrecked VW Caravel at the foot of the cliff in Voëlklip, on the outskirts of Herolds Bay.

The vehicle, which is totally submerged in water, was spotted at low tide when a searcher noticed a Tyre sticking out from the water.


By 11am police revealed the rescue had turned into a recovery operation, but confirmed no bodies had been located.

This comes after a huge search for the missing mother and her children was set to resume in Herolds Bay near George on Thursday morning.

Officially, police are stating a vehicle matching the Caravel was located, but until the vehicle is hoisted out of the ocean, they cannot confirm it is the one belonging to the missing family.

The search for Heidi Scheepers, 35, her daughter, 6, and son, 2, comes after they disappeared at about 6pm on Tuesday, sparking a huge search operation in the Herolds Bay area.


The search resumed at first light at about 5.30am, while the tide was still out.

It came to a halt on Wednesday afternoon after parts of a vehicle — believed to be the family’s — were found at the bottom of the cliff.

Debris from the VW Caravel — the same colour as the missing vehicle — was found on nearby rocks and the vehicle was discovered a short while later on the sea bed.

On Thursday morning, authorities had a tow truck on standby at the scene to assist in lifting the wreckage from the water and onto the nearby rocks.


The rescue helicopter, police divers, search and rescue personnel, medics, NSRI and other role players were at the site as the search continued.

Source Sowetan Live

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