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‘A tokoloshe killed my wife’

Collin Pillay in court with state prosecutor Cheryl Naidu.

KWAZULU NATAL, Phoenix South Africa – The state has revealed shocking allegations about the mysterious death of convicted triple killer, Colin Pillay’s wife who died of an apparent suicide. 

During mitigation of sentence for the murders of Jane Govindasamy and her daughters Denisha and Nikita, Pillay told the Durban High Court that he is widowed and that his wife died 15 years ago of suicide. 

However under cross examination, when state senior advocate Cheryl Naidu grilled him on the circumstances of his wife’s death, he revealed that his wife had committed suicide because somebody had used black magic on her. 

Naidu asked him if he was a suspect in his wife murder or if there were any suspects or investigations into her death, he said there were no investigations because she had taken her own life. 


“She was killed by a tokoloshe. Someone had done black magic on her. My daughters are sitting here in court, they can tell you that my wife  committed suicide,” said Pillay. 

On Thursday, Pillay was convicted of the triple murder of his married girlfriend and her two daughters.

He asked the court for a lenient sentence so that he could take care of his children. 

Pillay, 47, a, tow truck driver was found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend Jane Govindasamy and her daughters Denisha and Nikita. 

Their bodies were discovered inside their Phoenix home by her husband and father of her daughters Sagren Govindasamy. 

Pillay had revealed during the trial that he knew that Jane was married and that she stayed with her husband and daughters. 

Pillay took the witness stand in mitigation of sentence and told the court that he’s a father of four children, of which three of them lost their mother many years ago. 


“I ask the court to give me a lenient sentence so that I can sort out place for my children to stay. Since my arrest they have been staying with family friends and was not sure how long the family friends are going to take care of them,” he pleaded with the court

He said his eldest son was now staying in a car in his friend’s yard because he did not have a place to stay. 

Source Daily News

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