Pharmacies fined allowing unqualified people to dispense medicine

South Africa – After slapping 12 pharmacists with penalties for contraventions that include allowing unqualified persons to dispense medicine in their practices, the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) has assured the public that it has kept a hawk’s eye on the sector.

“We conduct regular inspections in pharmacy facilities across the country,” registrar and chief executive of the statutory council, Amos Masango, told The Star. “Where we find unethical conduct and/or contraventions of legal and ethical requirements, we immediately institute disciplinary action against the pharmacy professionals involved.”

The list of 12 guilty pharmacists published by the SAPC indicated that operating practices without pharmacists was the most pressing problem.


Six of the 12 guilty parties were found to have conducted a pharmacy without a pharmacist.

They were named as: P Pillay of Braid Street Express Pharmacy in Pietermaritzburg, MC Maswanganyi of Nkowankowa Pharmacy in Nkowankowa, D Mabunda of Mabunda Medisol Pharmacy in Randfontein, NMC Zulu of NMC Pharmacy in Nkandla, R Balchand of R-Med Pharmacy in Durban and T Magwaza of Mat’s Pharmacy in Johannesburg.

While most were slapped with monetary penalties ranging between R10 000 and R50 000, Balchand took the harshest sanctions.

She was de-accredited as her other violations were that she had failed since 2014 to have a responsible pharmacist registered with the council at R-Med and “you allowed an unregistered person to dispense scheduled medicine”.

Magwaza was suspended from practicing as a pharmacist for one year.

Her other violations were allowing two unregistered people access to scheduled medicines and failure to keep her practice in proper standards.

Pillay was fined R50 000. The council ruled that she abandoned her duties as a responsible pharmacist when she left Braid Street Express Pharmacy to be conducted without a pharmacist and took up a job at Edendale Hospital.


HJ Louw presented a forged certificate of registration as a pharmacist assistant with the council.

His five-year suspension from the roll of pharmacist’s assistant was suspended on condition that he was not found guilty of the same offense.

Source EWN

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