#AKADiamond: AKA’s singles certified diamond and platinum

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Congratulatory messages keep flooding in for rapper AKA as multiple of his singles from various albums have reached diamond and platinum status.

#AKADiamond was all tweeps could talk about on Twitter on Wednesday morning after news broke that AKA’s various singles have been certified diamond and platinum.

While hip-hop heads are very proud of the Supa Mega, his mom Lynn Forbes, who is one of his biggest fans, is even prouder of her son’s achievements. 

In a video which Lynn shared on social media, followers can see AKA along with his “ride or die” DJ Zinhle and in the presence of other people being handed an impressive diamond and platinum plaque.

This is not the first time AKA has been awarded an impressive plaque.

In May, his current album Touch My Blood went double platinum but it looked like the Fela in Versace hitmaker wasn’t doing cartwheels over the achievement.  

AKA said, “TMB is double plat. Thank you for buying it. Amazing.”

He however then added, “I don’t mean to be ungrateful man, but TMB just went double platinum and I don’t really even give a proper f**k about it. That’s messed up.”

While fans speculated on what was going on with Mega, they are now happy to see that he’s “back” and appreciative of all his achievements, even the 5x diamond and the platinum plaque he just received.  

Here are some of the reactions that show that more people are standing with AKA since the announcement:

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