Pastor slates matric pupil’s ‘satanic’ artwork at KZN school (VIDEO)

KWAZULU NATAL, South Africa – A video in which a Richards Bay pastor Lambastes a KwaZulu-Natal north coast school for allowing a matric pupil to display his “satanic” artwork went viral on Monday evening. 

In the video, Andrew Anderson said he was horrified when he attended a school function and saw on display a pupil’s work which he believes is blasphemous.

The pupil’s art work includes sculptures of heads with horns, paper mache using bible pages and paintings which reference The Last Supper and The Creation of Adam. Some of the paintings use a character who is similar to Ronald McDonald.

Anderson said it was unacceptable for the young artist to replace “a clown with Jesus in the Last Supper painting and to make sculptures out of ripped pages of the Bible” displayed at Grantleigh College.

The school is an independent Curro school.  

Anderson said that his two daughters had already matriculated from the school and that it was his youngest daughter’s last official day before exams on Monday. 

“That should tell you how long I have been associated with the school. I am shocked and horrified by what I saw yesterday,” he said. 

In the video, Anderson called on Christians to protest at the school. 

He said that he would release information on the protest later on Tuesday. 

Anderson said he did not know the artist personally and that he did not believe that the social media outcry would affect the schoolboy’s mental health or upcoming exams.

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