Mom and twins still missing after 70 days

Nosisa Hlanjwa and her twins were preparing to eat lunch when they left their home and disappeared

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – It is 70 days since Nosisa Hlanjwa and her children, Mikhulu and Imibulelo, mysteriously disappeared from their Germiston home.   

Police have not been able to locate Hlanjwa and her five-year-old twins.

They disappeared on August 13. Family members found freshly cooked food on the stove and clothes in their wardrobe the day after Hlanjwa could not be reached by phone.

Police spokesperson Capt Andre de Jager said a case of missing persons was under investigation.

He said the family was scheduled to meet someone on the day they disappeared, but did not make it to their destination.

“We are not at liberty to give more information, but she was supposed to meet somebody, who has already given a statement to the police. They never arrived,” said De Jager.  

Hlanjwa’s mother, Julia, spoke of the pain of not knowing the whereabouts of her family. 

“It is difficult. On some days I can’t even eat. I can’t help but wonder if the are well, if they have eaten,” said the distraught grandmother.   

She said her daughter was unemployed when she disappeared. 

Julia said she had exhausted all avenues trying to locate them. “I have tried everything, even sangomas, but I am not getting anything.” She was also running out of the little money she had.

Private investigator Wendy Pascoe was called in to help, but said the case was “extraordinary” and “challenging”.

While Pascoe had no leads, she vowed to continue the investigation.  

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