Pastor Encourages Sex, and Drinking of Alcohol in Church (Video)

NAIROBI, Kenya – There is a new church in Nairobi where the Pastor encourages drinking of alcohol and having sex in the church.

The church started in 2017 with three members and has since grown to become one of the most popular churches in Nairobi. The most unique thing is that the pastor has made sure that there are breaks between sessions where members are allowed to have sex with whoever is sitting next to them.

While in church, the pastor clearly states that everything we own belong to God, so there is no need of being selfish to our bodies. He says by drinking alcohol, the members become liberated, they actually gain courage to speak about their evils. He clarifies that sex takes people closer to God as it the only way your neighbor can feel appreciated.

“It’s official, the end of time is near,” wrote a user.

Some comments suggest that similar churches exist in other African countries.

“I learned that there is a church of this kind in Zimbabwe called wapusa wapusa. Apparently, all the clothes are left at the entrance of the church. When everyone is in place, the lights are out,” tweeted Thandekile Moyo

The end of time one would say is really very close.

This year alone the church has attracted 50 new members, most of them being men. The building is capable of accommodating 200 members but it’s now having over 300 members and the number is growing.

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