Scoop tells Cassper not to give up: You have to be comfortable being interrogated so you grow more

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Rapper Cassper Nyovest has found an ally in radio host Scoop Makhathini after opening up about his struggles with the industry.

Cassper reflected on his legacy this week and spoke about his disappointment in the game and some of the issues he faces in it. He then applauded himself for rising above it all.

“Some sh*t disappointing sometimes, like subliminals and rumors. But bro, we changed the game forever and I can now see that sh*t clearly. What a life! Refiloe maele phoolo! You did that! You are God’s favorite! The chosen won! Not a mistake! The chosen won! Keep going! Enjoy!”

While fans flocked to his page to offer their support, Scoop wrote a thread to Cass praising him for changing the game.

“Forever you have changed the game. Forever your contribution and your work will never go unrecognized. Even with this piano/hip hop wave you were the first. When most did not see it.”

He said that part of being a trailblazer was facing in scrutiny and the dark side of the industry.

“However for it to keep changing you have to be comfortable being interrogated so we can grow more. More than being comfortable in being interrogated. You have to be okay and comfortable with interrogating yourself and being honest with yourself.

“None of us are perfect so we have to realize and be honest about things we need to improve and work on.”

He ended his thread by sending love to Cassper.

“I love and admire you more than you will ever know and nothing will ever change that. More blessings. More life. More for mufasa and all those people he holds dear.”

Source Sowetan Live

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