JMPD officers have arrested six taxi drivers for driving on the wrong side of the road.

These arrests came after those drivers were caught doing this at Beyers Naude Drive on top of the N1 bridge in Fairlands this morning.

The JMPD spokesman, superintendent, Wayne Minnaar said that this operation was conducted after numerous complaints were received from the public, on how drivers would drive on the wrong side of Beyers Naude and in the process endanger other drivers as well as commuters .

Two of the drivers were also charged for bribery,  as the one attempted to bribe officers with R100. A second driver made a u turn in the face of oncoming traffic, in an attempt to evade the officers.  But officers jumped into a patrol and chased behind  him, he attempted to bribe officers with R300,”said Minnaar.

“All six of the drivers were charged at Honeydew Police Station for reckless and negligent driving,  alternatively inconsiderate driving .

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