+18 [Video] Pastor Wilson family member reacts to the Viral Video

TEXA, USA – Pastor David Wilson of Texarkana, Texas, has been a pastor for nearly 40 years.


On October 16, a viral video purporting to show the minister performing a sex act on a woman was spread on social media. Speaking exclusively to Heavy a family member says that they do not know if the video is real. The family member said that whoever was spreading the video was trying to become famous off of Pastor David Wilson’s name.

Read full story here: Pastor David Wilson’s caught in camera s*cking p*ssy [VIDEO]


According to an online profile, Pastor David Wilson is the senior pastor of Bibleway Ministries and World Out Reach Inc. Heavy has reached out to both organizations for comment on the story but both phone numbers have been disconnected. Wilson says in the profile that he attended Southwest Bible College and Seminary. Pastor Wilson said, in 2013, “I’m a minister of 32 years, have pastored for 25. I’m a motivator and Love to see lives transformed to the Glory of God.”


The scandal has resulted in many Facebook users posting this meme, showing the address of Pastor Wilson’s church: Hundreds of comments about the viral video have been made on Wilson’s son’s Facebook page.


According to a LinkedIn page, Wilson also operates a consulting business in Texarkana. Texarkana is a city of less than 40,000 people on the border between Texas and Arkansas, less than 40 miles north of the Louisiana border. A Google review of Wilson’s church reads, “Another one of the greatest places to go to for highly spiritual uplifting in the Lord!!!”


Wilson was the leader of the Black Chamber of Commerce in Texarkana. Pastor Wilson spoke about his role in an interview with the Plainview Daily Herald. Wilson said, “We’re just happy to be in a new location and doing bigger and better things. Overall, I just see a serious excitement at getting organized to go into business.”


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