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14-year-old crashes stolen car into a Lamborghini Urus

PERTH, Australia – A 14-year-old in Australia has a great deal of explaining to do after crashing a stolen Subaru Forester into a Lamborghini Urus SUV on Tuesday night.

The trouble started just after 8pm when officers were patrolling the Como district south of Perth for a stolen white Subaru Forester that had reportedly been seen in the area. The vehicle had originally been reported as stolen during a home burglary on October 6.

The officers spotted the vehicle in a driveway and then parked behind it in their marked Toyota Hilux, but the alleged thief was having none of that, and promptly reversed the Subaru at speed, bumping the Hilux in the process, before speeding off.

But it wasn’t long before he met fate in the form of a yellow Lamborghini Urus at an intersection. While no injuries were reported, both vehicles appear to be written off, making it an incredibly expensive accident – considering that a new Lamborghini Urus starts at $390 000 AUD, which is around R3.9m in our money.

Detectives charged the 14-year-old with numerous offenses, including two counts of stealing a motor vehicle, three counts of stealing and two counts of Detectives . 

He has been placed under arrest and will appear in court.

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