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SAPS are searching for a man who allegedly raped a two-year-old girl in Reiger Park

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*The father’s name has been changed to protect the identity of the child. Please note the following story may be disturbing to some readers.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Rodney Isaacs* works in the North West. While at work this week, he received a dreadful call from his ex – his two-year-old daughter had been raped, allegedly by a man known to him and his family. They cannot be identified to protect the identity of the child.

He spoke from his parents’ home in Reiger Park. The toddler, who also lives in Reiger Park, was meant to go to her nanny’s house on Tuesday when the sexual assault happened, while her mother was at work.

“It broke my heart. I’m destroyed. We as a family, even the mother, cannot cope with this,” Isaacs said.

It is understood the little girl started behaving strangely on Tuesday night. The following day, her mother took her to hospital for a medical assessment, where it was discovered that she had been sexually violated.

Even though the child played and sang hymns when visited the home on Friday, she limped slightly from the pain.

“[The mother] found my child in such a bad condition that she couldn’t even stand,” the father said.

All Isaacs wants, he said, is for the perpetrator to pay for the trauma he caused his little girl.

“I would like to see him locked up. I’d like to see him pay via our justice system.”

The visibly distraught father said it’s difficult to see his daughter going through this trauma, and said he wished he was there to protect his little girl. He said their lives would never be the same again.

“What really hurts as a dad is that I’ve got a job and it’s out in the North West, over 200km away from my children. I don’t know what to do.”

Isaacs said his daughter was still struggling to cope.

“My child couldn’t sleep last night. She’s fighting in her sleep,” he said.

“We are pleading with the suspect, he knows himself. Please hand yourself over, and let justice take its course,” he said.

Police have taken statements from the family, while the little girl has started with therapy.

The Teddy Bear Foundation for child younger than four years old might not have a memory of the content of the trauma, but that the psychological impact would remain for a long time.

“Even a two-year-old who may not be able to go back to the specifics of the content of the actual trauma, it’s likely to impact on their behavior and their sense of well-being, and predispose them to behaviors in the future,” said the clinic’s director Dr Shaheda Omar.

The police’s said: “They have deployed a team to trace the suspect. The suspect is known but at this stage, he cannot be detected. But there is a team of detectives that has been deployed to look for this man.”
The toddler is undergoing trauma counseling and in the care of family.

Source EWN

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