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A SEX predator nanny who had a baby with an 11-year-old boy has been caged for 20 years.

TAMPA, USA – Marissa Mowry, 28, sexually assaulted the lad at least 15 times while living under the same roof as him. 

She had his son in October 2014 after getting pregnant in January the same year.

They carried on having sex “multiple times” until he was 14.

And it was only then when the by had the courage to tell his parents what happened in Brandon, Florida.

Now 17, he is doing his best to be a dad while finishing school.

He sat in court as Mowry was locked up and must also complete 10 years of sex offender probation when she is released.

The mother told Spectrum News 9 after sentencing: “I thought of her almost as a second daughter.

“To think of my son as more than a child?

“I mean, we’re talking about a child who was 11.”



Mowry was hired as a live-in nanny on the recommendation of the mum’s sister-in-law, who had used her.

The mum thought Mowry’s baby was fathered by her boyfriend when she gave birth.

But a DNA test confirmed it was the boy’s after he told her what happened.

Mowry claimed he had forced himself on her.

However, detectives got to the truth in a taped phone call with the lad.

She was arrested in June 2017 outside Busch Gardens theme park in Tampa where she worked as a waitress and held on a string of charges of sexual battery of a child.

The mother said at the time: “She betrayed me in the worst possible way.

“I was always watching when I was home. It was when I was at work I couldn’t. 

“How could I have been so stupid? 

“There should have been something I should have caught. I should have caught something.”

She added: “Just being a teenager is hard enough and you’re gonna throw in molestation — which messes with their head — and then you’re going to throw in being a parent?”

Handcuffed Mowry, branded a sexual predator by Judge Laura Ward, did not speak during her sentencing.

The mum said after the case that the responsibility of fatherhood had limited her son’s life.

He could not hang out with pals after school because he had to care for his son.

Source The Sun

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