3 died as 2 cars collided on the N2 after the Mvoti Toll Plaza in KwaDukuza

DURBAN, South Africa – Three people died when two cars collided on the N2 northbound after the Mvoti Toll Plaza in KwaDukuza on Friday. 

IPSS Medical Rescue spokesperson Paul Herbst said eyewitnesses saw three vehicles driving contraflow to traffic. 

He said this would be investigated by police. Herbst said the car travelling northbound avoided two cars but slammed into the third on a bend. 

The VW Polo which was travelling north and the Toyota Corolla which was travelling counterflow to traffic collided head-on after the Groutville on and off-ramps. 

Herbst said the drivers, both men, died on the scene. Due to the severity of the impact, the driver of the Corolla was entrapped in the wreckage. The KwaDukuza Fire department had to extricate him from the car by using the jaws of life. 

“One person was still alive on the scene and was treated by paramedics. Despite the efforts of Advanced Life Support, she passed away. A man and a woman, passengers in the vehicles, were rushed to the hospital with multiple fractures in a critical condition,” he said. 

Herbst said the traffic congestion and vehicles parked in the emergency lane delayed their response to the collision. 

“We had to park about 200 meters away from the crash site and walk to the scene,” he said.

The KwaDukuza SAPS is investigating the incident.

Local tow truck drivers were also baffled as to what had transpired and what caused the driver of the Corolla to enter the northbound lane counter flow. 

A truck driver has witnessed the incident and it is unclear if he gave police a statement. 

Souse Daily News

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