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Traffic Criminals Rob Motorists With The Help Of Taxi Driver in South Africa

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – A man in a viral video seen robbing a motorist, and then jumping into a taxi for his escape, has been busted by Cape law enforcement.

One of the videos that were posted to Facebook has amassed over 80 000 views, showing exactly how the man grabbed the phone from a motorist and then made his getaway.

Mayco member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, said that he had submitted the video footage to their communications department, the City’s law enforcement was able to arrest the thief. While the officers were struggling to find the victim, he was eventually located.

“Many people will have seen this video of a motorist being robbed at the intersection of Halt and Voortrekker Road, after which the suspect gets into a taxi and leaves. 

“After the video was submitted to our public emergency communications centre by me and then onto law enforcement, the plainclothes unit within law enforcement followed and managed to find the suspect and arrest him along with other persons of interest,” Smith said. 

Smith added: “I’m informed that the incident took place on Wednesday and that the suspect was arrested at approximately midday today (Thursday). Apparently, the cellphone was recovered too.

“The victim has been located in Stellenbosch and is on his way to Goodwood SAPS to go lay a charge. I want to congratulate Law Enforcement and plainclothes unit in being innovative and creative in tracking down the offender and effecting the arrest.”

Smith also thanked the media and the public who helped them find the victim.

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