M2 Highway to reopen end of October as planned said COJ

JOHANNESBURG ,South Africa – The City of Johannesburg (COJ) confirmed that the repairs on the M2 Highway would be completed by the end of October.

The city started the emergency project last August, saying the structure failed integrity tests and was a major risk. One hundred and sixty million rand was budgeted for the project and it was unclear how much of that the city had spent.

The closure of the M2 Highway had major effects on Johannesburg traffic and caused peak-hour congestion on both the M1 south and north. Commuters making their way to and from the east of Johannesburg had to increase their travel time, which caused much reliance on the N3 and N12.

City spokesperson Tony Taverna-Turisan said: “A ceremony will be held to mark this occasion, at which point an operational plan will be announced and rolled out over the week to ensure the motorway is fully operational come Monday, 4 November.”

Taverna-Turisan said he was proud that they had kept their commitment to complete the bridge by the end of October.

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