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Mamelodi police find dagga, weapons in school raids yielded damning results..

MAMELODI, Pretoria South Africa – A raid of two schools in Mamelodi has yielded dangerous weapons and dagga, police have announced.

Police spokesperson Captain Johannes Maheso said the Mamelodi police, their Gauteng Traffic counterparts and the local community patrol forum conducted a surprise search of the Vukani Mawethu and Jafta Mahlangu Secondary schools on Friday and Wednesday morning.

Maheso said the unannounced operation found 20 sachets of dagga, ammunition, two knives and a toy gun from seven boys at Jafta Mahlangu Secondary School on Wednesday morning.

Kafta Mahlangu principal Given Kola said she fully supported the search.

OgeneAfrican can report that it helps a lot, especially when it comes to discipline at schools.

She added the police should continue with such searches because “we have a big challenge at secondary levels of drugs and learners carrying dangerous weapons”.

Maheso said at Vukani Mawethu, police found a learner in possession of a large knife. No learners were arrested, but the police did contact their parents.

“The parents and the school will deal with the matter.”

Maheso said safety at schools “is our first priority because learners are killing each other with these weapons and are abusing dagga”.

“Our main goal is to see that Mamelodi schools, including primary levels, are a crime-free zone.”

He said the raids would continue and that targeted schools would not be informed in advance.

“We spoke to learners about the dangers of carrying dangerous weapons such as knives, which are not allowed on school premises,” he said.

“Police also addressed the learners about substance abuse and gangsterism and how they could destroy their future.”

Maheso warned learners to refrain from drugs and dangerous weapons.

He said police would appreciate tip-offs from learners and teachers.

He advised learners to report any crime on 08600 10111.

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