Porsche SUV and a Fortuner SUV collided and clams 8 peoples lives outside Ladysmith KZN

LADYSMITH,KZN South Africa– a horrifying head-on collision happended after 10pm on Saturday night just outside Ladysmith, KZN.

This tragically claimed the lives of 8 people, including 2 very young children.

The impact of the crash, caused one of motor-vehicles to burst into flames.

The huge clouds of smoke metres-high flames could be seen from far.

The collision, happened between a Porsche SUV and a Fortuner SUV, that took place on a bend and caused one the Porsch to burst into flames.

Bystanders and motorists could not assist those entrapped and at the time and it could not be verified how many occupants were in each of the vehicles.

It was then reported that all four occupants in the Porsche were burnt beyond recognition, causing delays in removing the bodies.

The occupants of the Fortuner included two young children as young as five years old bodies were cut free using the jaws-of-life.

The N11 was closed at 10.30pm, at the time of the crash. It was reopened open after police, public safety officers, the Fire Department, including the Pietermartitzburg Collision unit worked around the clock to clear the scene.

OgeneAfrican can report that the emergency services that responded to the scene included Ladysmith Public Safety, Ladysmith Fire Brigade, KwaZulu-Natal Emergency Medical Services (KZN EMS), mortuary services, SAPS, and RTI.

The cause of the accident is still unknown.

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