Ending amapiano – Nasty C took to Twitter saying it was a joke….

Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA – We have seen a lot of Hip Hop heads share their hatred for Amapiano despite it being the dominant genre on the streets in 2019.

Nasty C recently made a statement saying that he is going to put an end to Amapiano in a video of him and Shane Eagle performing Paris.

After the story made headlines, Nasty C then went on his Twitter saying that nobody is going to put an end to Amapiano.

OgeneAfrican was told the rapper explained that it was a joke he made because of his love for Hip Hop.
“Nobody’s putting an end to yano. I think we all know that. That was a lil joke that came outta my love for South Africa Hip Hop,” tweeted Nasty C explaining the statement he had made about ending the genre.

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