WWE confirmed two more matches for Crown Jewel – Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez, Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury.

LAS VAGAS, USA – WWE news confirmed at their Las Vegas conference that Tyson Fury will have a match against Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia at their Crown Jewel event on Halloween.
Brock Lesnar will also take on Cain Velasquez at the event. The two previously fought against each other in UFC for the UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 121 back in October 2010.

Fury was on Raw this week to talk about last week’s SmackDown altercation with Strowman.

When The Gypsy King Fury appeared on Raw, he demanded an apology from The Monster Among Men for what happened on SmackDown’s debut on Fox.

Strowman interrupted the promo and warned Fury against entering his squared circle. The undefeated boxer replied by telling Braun he hasn’t won any world championships unlike him.

A brawl then erupted with security filled the ring. WWE superstars then spilled from the locker room in an attempt to calm things down as well as security was struggling to contain them both.

The Monster Among Men eventually headed backstage, where he declined to apologize during an interview, before rushing back to the ring where the brawl once again broke out.

Lesnar’s rivalry with Velasquez goes back to 2010 when the two faced each other in UFC for the UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 121. Velasquez made shockwaves in the MMA world that night as he knocked Lesnar out in the first round.

He made shockwaves around the wrestling world when he debuted in WWE last Friday on SmackDown, attacking The Beast after he just beat Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship.

He was accompanied by Rey Mysterio to the ring on SmackDown, and after The Master of the 619 appeared alongside him at the press conference, Mysterio could accompany Velasquez at Crown Jewel later this month as well.

Crown Jewel is starting to take shape with now three matches confirmed for the event in Saudi Arabia.

As well as Strowman vs Fury and Lesnar vs Velasquez, a special Team Hulk Hogan vs Team Ric Flair 10-man tag team match will take place on the show.

Seth Rollins and Rusev have so far been confirmed for Team Hogan, while Randy Orton and King Corban have been confirmed for Team Flair. More superstars will be named for the match over the next few weeks.

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