OgeneAfrican report also found that Motata’s conduct at the scene and the “remarks he made were racist and thus impinged on and were prejudicial to the impartiality and dignity of the courts”.

Although the tribunal recommended to the JSC that Motata be removed from office, in line with Section 177(1)(a) of the Constitution that deals with the conduct of judges, it rejected this.

Motata was found guilty in 2009 by the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria of drunk driving and fined R20,0

This after he crashed into a wall at a house in Johannesburg in 2007 with his luxury Jaguar while drunk.

He previously admitted to making remarks to the owner of the house such as: “No Boer is going to undermine me … this used to be a white man’s land, even if they have more land … South Africa belongs to us. We are ruling South Africa