Forbes Lists The Most Dangerous Airlines In The World….

If you’re afraid of flying, you might want to stop reading now.

OgeneAfrican South Africa reports a list that was released from Forbes with the most Dangerous Airlines In The World.

While advancements in aviation have meant that it’s safer than ever to fly, even the most well-equipped airlines aren’t exempt from the occasional mishap.

British Airways is considered a safe airline, but just four years ago a British Airways 777 caught on fire in Las Vegas. Emirates is another one that ranks highly for safety, except for that time in 2016 when a Boeing 777 crash-landed in Dubai.

The point is that a giant hunk of flying metal is going to experience some issues every now and then.

Forbes with this:

Major airlines remain relatively very safe. However, there are some airlines that have a safety record that scales from average to absolutely terrible. If you find yourself on the airlines below, ignore everything written above, and assume you’re either flying to a very remote location where you had no other choice, or that you just wanted to book the cheapest fare.

Here’s their list of ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Airlines’ for 2019.

Tara Air

Tara Air managed to get just one out of seven stars.

Multiple fatal accidents in 2010 and 2011 have not assisted this Nepalese based carrier’s rating which operates a fleet of eight aircraft in and out of the dangerous mountainous approaches in Nepal.

That’s a hard pass from me.

Nepal Airlines

This airline has had nine fatal accidents in eight years.

Statistically, flying in the mountainous kingdom is relatively dangerous. Nepal Airlines has been flying since 1958 under the name Royal Nepal Airlines, and its safety record leaves a lot to be desired. Accumulating just one-star, Nepal Airlines is banned from flying to the EU. Although the last 20 years has seen a vast improvement in the airline’s safety record, a fatal accident in 2014 resulted in 18 fatalities.

That safety record is going to have to improve a lot more before it could be considered ‘safe’.

Ariana Afghan Airlines

Serving as Afghanistan’s national carrier, Ariana has just five aircraft in their current fleet and a disproportionately staggering record of 19 aircraft being written off during its history, including seven fatal incidents.

More accidents than functioning planes isn’t normally a good sign.

Bluewing Airlines

Bluewing operates out of the small South American nation of Suriname.

The loss of three different Antonov An-28 aircraft over a three year period has found the airline banned over European airspace, which includes neighboring French territory French Guiana.

When you’re banned from airspace it might be time to sell those aircraft and look into new business ventures.

Kam Air Airlines

Another one-star airline to avoid:

Kam Air finds itself in exclusive company at the bottom of this safety list, with just 3 other one star airlines for company. This Afghanistan based airline finds itself banned from US airspace, and when Kam attempted to fly to the EU in 2010 they found themselves denied permission to operate there too after incidents that included a fatal accident and a separate bomb threat.


Trigana Air Service

With 10 hull losses and 14 accidents involving Trigana operated aircraft, it is no wonder that the Indonesian airline was only awarded a one-star rating. Like it’s peers on this list, Trigana is also banned from EU and US airspace.

Last, but not least…

SCAT Airlines

This Kazakhstan based airline has an unimpressive safety record, however it has not seen a fatal accident since 2013. Although SCAT doesn’t operate with an internationally recognized safety audit certificate, the airline is making huge improvements to be internationally recognised and operate safely.

That sounds promising, although I’d still think twice before buying a ticket.

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