Light aircraft crashes in Vryburg on route to Pretoria killing its pilot

VRYBURG South Africa, Two families were asked to leave the premises of their houses after a plane crash-landed between them not far from Vryburg on Monday.

OgeneAfrican reports the accident happened at about 17:00 on Isaac Peloeng Street at Huhudi. The light Piper aircraft was allegedly flying from Vryburg to Pretoria when it encountered difficulties shortly after the take-off. It hit the garage wall of one of the houses before falling down.

A 30-year-old pilot was killed in the crash. His passenger survived and is being treated in hospital. The inhabitants of the houses were not injured.

“The cause of the crash is unknown at this stage and the Civil Aviation Authority is conducting an investigation in terms of Aviation Act 17 of 1946,” Captain Sam Tselanyane announced.

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