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Man sought by Mpumalanga police after woman’s body found in shallow grave

MPUMALANGA SOUTH AFRICA- A Gauteng man is being sought by Mpumalanga police after the body of a young woman was discovered buried in a shallow grave at Pienaar near Nelspruit.

OgeneAfrican reports the victim’s body was exhumed on Friday. Police said the woman‚ believed to be about 17 years old‚ was last seen alive on September 28 after she visited Mpumalanga with a boyfriend.

The body was discovered after members of the community notified police that they had spotted a shoe protruding from the ground.

“What informed the community to engage in a search that led to this gruesome discovery was that the boyfriend‚ who was reported to have brought the victim to Mpumalanga‚ was seen digging a hole next to the toilet‚ after the mysterious disappearance of the victim.

OgeneAfrican was told that “the boyfriend then purported to be leaving for work‚ back in Gauteng. Family and neighbours became suspicious and went to check the hole where they made the discovery and reported it to the police‚” Mpumalanga police said.

Police had then gone to the scene and dug up the body‚ they said‚ adding that a murder case had been opened.

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