Meghan Markle’s yellow post office ribbon for Uyinene has gone missing

CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA – Cape Town – The yellow ribbon that Meghan Markle tied at Clareinch Post Office last week for murdered UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana has gone missing.

“The disappearance of the ribbon is quite unfortunate and is actually a reflection of the type of society we have become,” said Uyinene’s mother Noma.

I’m highly disappointed that someone took it,” said Aaliah Jacobs, one of the four 17-year-old Livingstone High School pupils who spotted the duchess of Sussex tying the ribbon.

“You shouldn’t treat someone’s respect like that. But at least Meghan got the word out all over the world about Uyinene and gender-based violence.”

OgeneAfrican report a post office worker who did not want to be named said he did not know whether it had been stolen, but guessed it might have been a royal fan claiming a souvenir.

“Eish! I don’t have words to explain my disgust,” he said. “It’s just not right. It shows no respect for Uyinene. They stole it just to brag about it, I’m sure.”

Last Thursday Markle took a stand against gender-based violence and expressed her solidarity with victims when she tied the ribbon on the railing.

The ribbon carried a Xhosa message of solidarity written in black: “Simi kunye kule si si mo (We stand together in this situation) – Harry & Meghan September 26, 2019”.

The fleeting moment of respect took place privately away from the glare of the global media pack tracking her and Prince Harry’s South African tour. But after Weekend Argus broke the story, Markle posted a photo of her tribute on her Instagram account.

Shopkeepers in the area were taken aback to hear of the disappearance of the ribbon, with one speculating it might have been taken by one of the homeless people in the area.

“They steal ribbons all the time,” said one who declined to be named. “I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because they are useful to tie things.

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